Where do all these kilos go?

Where do all these kilos go?

    Health and weight    Why gain weight?

You are indeed going to gain weight, but what for exactly? In fact, only a fraction of your weight gain will increase your own (fat) reserves, the rest is only temporary and will disappear shortly after the birth of your baby.

  • Foetus: 3-4 kg
  • Placenta: 700 g
  • Amniotic fluid: 900 g
  • Increased blood volume: 1-1.5 l
  • Breasts: 400-500 g
  • Water retention: 2 l
  • Fat reserves: 2-3 kg

That’s a total of 10.2 to 12.8 kg on average, for a woman who wasn’t underweight or overweight before the pregnancy.

Is your weight gain in line with these recommendations?