Where do all these kilos go?

    Health and weight    Why gain weight?

You are indeed going to gain weight, but what for exactly? In fact, only a fraction of your weight gain will increase your own (fat) reserves, the rest is only temporary and will disappear shortly after the birth of your baby.

  • Foetus: 3-4 kg
  • Placenta: 700 g
  • Amniotic fluid: 900 g
  • Increased blood volume: 1-1.5 l
  • Breasts: 400-500 g
  • Water retention: 2 l
  • Fat reserves: 2-3 kg

That’s a total of 10.2 to 12.8 kg on average, for a woman who wasn’t underweight or overweight before the pregnancy.

Is your weight gain in line with these recommendations?