What should be my weight gain during pregnancy?

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Gaining weight when you are pregnant is perfectly natural, it is even recommended for the health of your baby. But if gaining too little weight can be detrimental to your health as well as that of your child, gaining too much also presents risks. So what is my goal and what should I expect from my weight scale?

Use the BMI to calculate what your end-of-pregnancy weight should be

The most widely used indicator today to determine the weight status of a person is the BMI, or Body Mass Index. The BMI is used to calculate how corpulent a person is by making the ratio of that person’s mass (their weight) on their height squared (M/H2). To find out what your BMI is, use our instant calculator:

To work from stone and pounds first multiply the stone by 14 then add the pounds to give the whole mass in pounds; to work from feet and inches first multiply the feet by 12 then add the inches to give the whole height in inches.

kg (e.g.: 61.4 if you weigh 61kg400)
cm (e.g.: 165 if you measure 1m65)
lb (e.g.: 130 if you weigh 130 pounds or 9st 4lb)
in (e.g.: 64 if you measure 64 inches or 5ft4)

Your BMI is : 0      You are
Your expected weight gain based on your initial BMI is: to kg.

A more detailed method that is commonly used to calculate what your weight gain should be while pregnant is The Ideal Weight and Rosso curves.

The following table tells you how much weight you should theoretically have gained by the end of your pregnancy.

BMI You are Expected weight gain during pregnancy
< 18,5 Underweight 12 to 18 kg – 26 to 40 lb
18,5 to 24,9 Normal 9 to 12 kg – 20 to 26 lb
25,0 to 29,9 Overweight 7 to 11 kg – 15 to 24 lb
≥ 30,0 Obese 7 to 11 kg – 15 to 24 lb

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