Where can I buy a pregnancy test?

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Pregnancy tests are available from the drug store or bought online. In these online stores, you can now instantly famous brands Clearblue, Predictor and other pregnancy tests buy:

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What is a pregnancy test?


The pregnancy test is a test that tells you whether you are pregnant or not. The left end stick a few seconds in fresh urine and then displays a plus or minus nagelang you're pregnant or not. Pregnancy testing brands for over 99% accurate when they used from the day your period is due.

After fertilization, the egg is a road jobs to your uterus and to nest there. Of these, 60% (source Wikipedia) wrong in the first week. If there is anything in the embryo is not in order, the body emits the embryo, and is correlated with premenstrual on the corridor.

Tip. The sensitivity of pregnancy tests varies. There are very sensitive tests on the market (read), but since so many pregnancies in the first week after conception miss, we recommend you to not to use it. From 4 days before you take the risk of rejection correlated with premenstrual almost logarithmically off. It is best to test with first morning urine from 1 day overdue. You can also wait a few days if you are not yet menstruating is.