Pregnant How To Feel Great During Winter

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Pregnant during the winter can be hard

Being pregnant is amazing any time of the year, but winter comes with some extra challenges. Maybe you’re already facing the morning sickness, a lower center of gravity, and some new cravings. That’s why keeping fit and healthy during winter can be tough. Just think about the snowy days, the less sunlight, and the extra layers of clothes, and you’ll probably won’t leave the sofa.

You don’t have to let winter stay in the way of you and your baby’s health. One of the key factors to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy is by being active, so start your daily pregnancy exercise routine. This will also help you during the Christmas period with all the sweet treats that you just can’t resist.

Besides keeping fit, you also have to stay safe during the cold winter days. So be careful during the flu season and take care of that dry skin, which dries even more during winter. Here are some tips to help you stay safe this winter.

Tip 1: Wear Comfortable Clothes

Being comfortable is very important when you dress in winter, so don’t forget about warm and comfy sweaters and socks. You can search for those in the maternity section of many shops. You will find there a lot of comfy clothes for you and your belly. Also, if your regular winter coats doesn’t fit your belly anymore go ahead and buy a winter maternity coat, which will make you feel more comfortable and warmer

When talking about what to wear, shoes are also very important. First of all, during these cold days you have to be careful about slipping on ice. You can minimize this risk by wearing boots with good traction.

Also, keep in mind that your center of gravity is changing while pregnant, so your shoes are important even if you’re not walking on ice or snow. Either way, if it happens to slip, don’t worry. Your baby is well-protected in your womb.

Tip 2: Sleep

It’s very important to be calm and well-rested during pregnancy. And I also know it’s easier to say it than to actually do it, especially if you’re feeling the stress of becoming a parent, and the difficulty of a substantial bigger belly, but you can get the rest you need during a winter pregnancy period if you follow some steps.

One of the first steps you can take to get your rest is limiting your screen time before bed. Instead, try and read your favorite book. It helps ease your way into sleeping-mode. Another thing you can do is to stop your caffeine intake in the later part of the day. It’s effects can bring you difficult time while trying to fall asleep.

You can also invest in a good pregnancy pillow to get comfortable in bed, because I know very well the difficulty of feeling comfortable while having a baby bump. A great pregnancy pillow can support your tummy, neck and knees when you sleep on your side. If you had a great, and restful sleep, your energy level will fill up, and you be able to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy.

Tip 3: Find the Perfect Fitness Class for You

When we talk about exercises, it is recommended that you walk a lot and do yoga during pregnancy. But when we think about the cold winter days, the wish to walk in the park walks right out the door. Instead of getting outside, you can find some other suitable places to do some pregnancy exercises.

Even in the winter cold days you can go to an indoor pool and get you swimming into your fitness routine. Being in the water relaxes your joints, and your belly will feel more relaxed. You can also join a Prenatal Aquafit class. It helps with your blood circulation, while your pregnant body will feel lighter.

You can also stay fit by joining a dance class. The important thing is to warm up and stretch first, especially when you’re pregnant. The important thing to know is that you can stay fit with exercises made especially for pregnant women.

Tip 4: Drink More Water

We all know the importance of drinking water everyday. But when you’re pregnant, drinking water is even more important for your health. Water helps you stay hydrated, and it is extremely important for your skin which starts to stretch to accommodate the growing belly.

Besides plain water you can also drink milk, juice, or tea. They contain plenty of water. Don’t be afraid to drink water if you’re afraid of retaining water. I know it sounds odd but fluid retention may also be caused by not drinking enough. Your body becomes dehydrated and will start to retain more fluid to compensate.

So, if your feet and ankles are swollen, you can actually help by drinking more water. But if you have a great feel of discomfort you should contact your doctor.

Tip 5: Feel Good by Looking Beautiful

The winter sun and the dry, chilly winds are at your door, but you can face them by following a skincare routine. And we all know that when you feel beautiful you also feel good. Even if the long, hot baths are over, you can also relax in the shower. But try to not over do it.

Try to finish your shower within five minutes to prevent dry skin, because the winter days are known for causing skin to become dry, flaky and itchy. After the shower, moisturize your skin with an intensive moisturizing cream. You can also apply glycerine to your face and other dry areas of your skin. For your dry lips you can use a moisturizing lip balm.

Even if it’s winter you must use sunscreen, because harmful UV rays can easily penetrate your skin. Start by applying it on your face, which is most exposed to the sun.

Take Care!

So, these are the five tips that you can follow to stay fit and healthy during winter while pregnant. It may seem hard, but it is easy to survive a winter pregnancy. You just have to take a bit of care.