When should you be making love to have the greatest chance of conceiving?

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Couples who have sex 2-3 times a week are usually able to conceive within six months. Then there is no need to have sex at a particular time or to calculate when ovulation takes place. If you do not make love that often, it is useful to know when your ovulation occurs.

Time of sexual intercourse:
5 days before ovulation › 1 in 10 chances.

Time of sexual intercourse:
On the day of ovulation › 1 in 3 chances.

If you have sex regularly and you are still not pregnant after 6 months, it may be useful to track your ovulation. When you make love 1-3 days before ovulation, the sperm alive from that intercourse has a chance to fertilize the egg. Sperm survives about 72 hours; however the egg survives only 36 hours and is only fertile for 12 hours. Of the millions of sperm resulting from ejaculation, no more than one hundred reaches its objective. And in the end, only one will win the race and merge with the egg. It does not matter if the sperm fertilizing the egg is old or new. Both are likely to produce a healthy baby.

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