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Registration is free. gives (future) pregnant women and other interested parties the opportunity to talk about pregnancy issues. The goal is a fun, friendly and informative forum. Therefore has prepared forum rules which you can read below. If you sign up for the forum or post a message in the forum, you automatically agree to these rules.

Privacy and username

  • The forum is public. That means anyone can read all messages. Therefore reluctant orphan when you post information about yourself.
  • It is not allowed to make public personal information of others through the forum of Messages which this occurs will be edited or deleted.
  • Choose an anonymous username that can not be traced to you. In any case not use your own name. A user should not be a brand name or company name.
  • The messages in the discussions remain always and thus remain visible to everyone. You can only delete your own posts. Messages are not automatically deleted. Only in exceptional cases, the board administrator can decide to deviate from this rule.
  • Be aware that anyone can create a username and are likely to occur otherwise. Also, it is important not to put information on the Forum can be traced back to yours.

Contents of messages: text and image

  • The Forum of is an English forum. The messages must be written in English.
  • Try to take into account feelings and the education of others. What for you is a silly question, can be a complicated, burning issue for another.
  • It is only allowed to use texts or images whose copyright rests with you. If you are using texts or images that you do not have a copyright, you should have explicit permission from the owner.
  • Messages and signatures may not include commercial, illegal, erotic or pornographic content. Also, coarse language and racist, violent, obscene, abusive, discriminatory and insulting texts or images are not allowed. These messages are deleted by the forum administrator.
  • Call for sponsorship, surveys, participating in television programs, magazine articles and the like are not permitted. These requests may be submitted to the board administrator.


  • contains information for (future) pregnant women and others. However, the Web site is not managed by doctors and does not contain any medical advice. If in doubt, and medical problems always have a doctor or midwife.
  • Family World (owner of Pregnancy Symptoms can not accept any responsibility for the contents of the messages on the forum. Illegal, discriminatory, false or otherwise undesirable texts and pictures can not be attributed to Family World.
  • In addition, Family World is not liable for any consequences as a result of information on this website (including the forum).
  • Family World is also not liable for hacking attempts and any damages resulting therefrom.

Intervention by Forum Administrator

  • Advertising is expressly forbidden!
  • The board administrator reserves the right to messages, delete topics and replies or move, if necessary.
  • The board administrator reserves the right to impose an appropriate sanction to users who do not abide by the forum rules. In extreme cases this can mean that a user no longer has access to the forum and the website owner to contact the Abuse Department of the ISP of the user.
  • The board administrator attempts to remove unwanted messages as quickly as possible. Messages containing unwanted content can be reported to the board administrator who as soon as possible will take action.