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Am I pregnant? The first symptoms of your pregnancy.

There is approximately two weeks between the time of fertilization of the egg cell and the moment when you should take a pregnancy test. The big question is am I pregnant? An exciting time when you think and feel many things – or maybe not. Which symptoms indicate that you are pregnant?

After fertilization the egg cell looks for a place to embed in the uterus. This is called implantation. There can sometimes be a slight blood loss but this is not damaging. As soon as the egg cell has implanted you can experience the first pregnancy symptoms. There are many changes happening in your body which you may notice. However everyone’s body is different and you may notice very little until you miss your period. Some women feel few symptoms whilst others feel pregnant from day 1 even before their period is missed.

Listing the symptoms of pregnancy

Here you will find the most occurring pregnancy symptoms. They are the first signs of pregnancy but can also appear later in the pregnancy. Many women experience signs of one or more of the symptoms listed below. Unfortunately some of these symptoms occur in menstruation so it can be difficult to know if you have pregnancy symptoms or are about to start your period. You can only be sure if you take a pregnancy test.

Tight or painful breasts and tender nipples

Many pregnant women have experience of tender or painful nipples and a tightness in their breasts. Your breasts may get bigger. However this can also occur with the onset of menstruation or if you have just started taking the pill.

Tummy pain, cramp or a swollen tummy

If you are just pregnant you may notice body changes which give you substantial discomfort. A swollen tummy can be from swollen intestines. The intestines can be quite disrupted by the need to make room for the growing uterus. Tummy pain is a regularly occurring pregnancy symptom. Some women experience 3 to 4 days after fertilization a sharp pain in the uterus as the egg cell implants. There may also be tummy pain as the uterus starts to grow and, further into the pregnancy, pain from the ligaments as they are stretched. These ligaments hold the uterus in place and the pain comes as they are stretched with the growth of the uterus.

If you experience blood loss as well as tummy pains it may indicate the first signs of a miscarriage although blood loss may occur with a healthy pregnancy. There is nothing that can be done except the issue of waiting. You cannot prevent a miscarriage not even with bed rest.


When you are pregnant your body makes additional hormones. The pregnancy hormone HCG can cause headache. Drinking plenty of water and resting can help.


Sickness is a typical ailment associated with pregnancy. This is caused by the presence of the HCG hormone which occurs when the egg cell is fertilized. The HCG hormone is what causes the pregnancy test to show positive. The egg cell produces HCG hormone from the third day after fertilization but in such small quantities that it is not noticeable. It is also too small an amount to detect in your blood or urine. Not until some two weeks later (as you might expect to start your period) it the amount high enough to be detected in the urine and picked up by the pregnancy test. Around the tenth week of pregnancy the amount of HCG hormone is at its highest and after the 16th week it starts to reduce. At this point the sickness also becomes less.

If you think you are pregnant and it is undesired or unplanned you may feel sickness because of the worry. If the pregnancy tests shows negative then often the sickness feeling stops. Sickness can also occur if you have just started the pill.


Your body is changing so much in the first stage of pregnancy and making a new person. This takes a great deal of energy and it is better to give in to the tiredness. Mostly the tiredness starts after a few weeks and not before you are overdue with your period. After the first trimester this tiredness becomes less for most women.

Needing to urinate more

As the uterus grows it takes up space and puts pressure on the bladder. It feels full sooner and signals the brain that you need to urinate.

In part 2 you can read more about early pregnancy symptoms.

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