BOY-or-GIRL quiz: pregnant with a boy or girl? Do the online test!

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Do you want to know your baby's gender? Do the test!

Do you want to know if you will have a boy or a girl? Too impatient to wait for a 20-week + ultrasound to hear your baby's gender? Or did you had the misfortune that your baby is laying sideways during an ultrasound? Then join this quiz to test the gender of your baby!

(Note: this test is fun to do, but is based on old wives' tales and will therefore never be able to tell with certainty whether you will get a boy or a girl).


1) My belly…

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Certainty about the gender of your baby?

Of course you never have 100% guaranteed certainty, only during the birth. Something can always be overlooked. Making a mistake is human though that could be quite annoying. The odds in percentages of the various theories are summarized here.

  • Old wives' tales 50%
  • Skull theory 50%
  • Nub-theory 75%
  • Ramzi-theory 97%
  • Ultrasound 20+ weeks 90-100%
  • At birth 100%