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Meaning of our visitors: - Respectful

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Mila is a girl.
Mila is sportif.
Mila is a powerful tough name.
Mila is a sweet name.
Mila is a celebrity known from television.
She is a character in a novel.
You will find the name Mila predominantly in the residential area of the village or city.
She is creative, social, caring, determined.
Mila ranks among the 10 most popular girl names of 2021 in    Mila The Netherlands names 2022    Mila Belgium names 2022    Mila France names 2022    Mila Germany names 2022.

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2021 quarter 4 4%
2021 quarter 3 15%
2021 quarter 2 17%
2021 quarter 1 17%
2020 quarter 4 18%
2020 quarter 3 18%
2020 quarter 2 18%
2020 quarter 1 15%

The name Mila is very rare and unique on our site now in 2022.

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