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My baby in week 4

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Tips for mom

You have become a mother and everything from this moment centres around your baby. This is natural but make sure you give yourself time too. Take time to go to the shops or put some earrings in or take the time for a couple of hours of unbroken sleep. You might find it difficult to delegate the care or your baby to your partner or someone else but it is important not to forget yourself.

Your baby in week 4

Your baby’s head is still soft. If your baby sleeps on the same side then this side of the head becomes flattened. You can help to prevent this by changing sides at feeding: one time lay your baby on the left arm; the next feed lay your baby on the right arm. Regularly change the headend of the cot. A baby has a tendancy to turn its head towards sound. By turning the cot he will not always be lying on the same side. Keep an eye out if your baby is developing a preference.

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