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Baby's first week

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Tips for mom

After delivery you will already have lost around 5-6 kilos of the total weight gain during pregnancy. In the first week you continue to lose weight, mostly fluid. However it takes around 2 months before all the extra kilos have disappeared. If you have gained more than average during your pregnancy then it will take a bit longer before you are back to your normal bodyweight.

Your baby in week 1

Whether you have a girl or boy there can be an influence from the hormones after birth that cause the presence of small breasts. With girls there can also be in the first week a slight blood loss from the vagina. This will clear up by itself. With boys it is important to check that the testicles have descended. You may be asked about this later in his life so it is good to make a note of it now.

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I feel happy that in just a couple of months my prince will be here in my hands  

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I have a baby girl 

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