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7 weeks pregnant – the changes in you

Do you have to urinate frequently? This happens often during the first period of your pregnancy. This is due to the hormones in action and the growing uterus which is putting pressure on your bladder. You may also notice the appearance of spots. Your body is receiving a barrage of hormones and it takes time for everything to come back into balance again.

7 weeks pregnant – how is your baby growing?

pregnancy week 7

Your little child is now approximately one centimetre long and growing at just one millimetre each day. The chest and abdominal cavities are now formed. The heart is developed enough for blood cells to flow through the arteries. The muscles are beginning to work and the child can move them him/herself. The head is growing quickly and is large in comparison to the rest of the body and will continue to be this way. The eyes and eye sockets continue to develop further but remain closed. Also the jaw and mouth become more recognisable in the 7th week.

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