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6 weeks pregnant – the changes in you

In the last few weeks your body has gone through many fascinating changes. The fertilized egg cell has made its way along the fallopian tube during which time it has continued to divide. It reaches the uterus after a journey of around seven days where the embryo embeds itself into the uterus wall. Here the developing embryo continues to grow and the placenta is formed. Hormones are the driving force of this process so it likely that there will be side effects from these, for example nausea.

6 weeks pregnant – how is your baby growing?

pregnancy week 6

Week 6 is an important week in the development of your baby. The heart starts to beat and the head is just about visible with eyes, nose and ears. There are also tiny bumps in the jaw which will later develop into milk teeth. On the side and under the little body are little stumps which will become arms and legs. In addition to these developments the chest and abdomen start to take form. In the abdominal cavity the organs are beginning to grow: the kidneys, liver, stomach and intestines.

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Baby layette – what do you need?

One of the nice parts of pregnancy is choosing what to buy for the baby. However this can be difficult, especially when it is your first baby, as there is often such a wide choice on offer. Take care not to buy too much too soon and risk wasting money on items you do not use. Read more about Baby layette – what do you need?

Pregnancy clothing

When your clothes no longer fit properly or not at all then it is time to wear pregnancy clothes. These can be worn for the rest of the pregnancy and the first few weeks after delivery. When buying pregnancy clothes do not just allow for expansion of your abdomen but also for your thighs, buttocks, breasts and upper arms. It is also important to wear a pregnancy bra. If desired you can obtain lingerie sets specially designed for pregnant women.

Your work and employer

It is important to inform your employer that you are pregnant. In practice you are likely to let them know before this as it is difficult to hide. Most women inform their employer when they are around 3 months pregnant, some even earlier especially if suffering from sickness or if your work could pose a danger to the baby.

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