35 weeks pregnant

35 weeks pregnant

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35 weeks pregnant – the changes in you

You are now focussed entirely on your body and the signals it is giving. When you have practice contractions you may wonder if they are the real thing. There is not a day goes by without you feeling everything that is occuring in your body: a stabbing sensation in your vagina, movements in your belly, feet pushing against your ribs. All these things happening in your body are pointing to the approaching delivery.

35 weeks pregnant – how is your baby growing?

pregnancy week 35

Your baby is now approximately 43 to 44 centimetres long and weighs about 2500 grams. The baby is complete. The last few weeks are for gaining weight and this is done at a rapid pace. The baby often has the hiccoughs. The finger nails and toe nails can have grown quite long and your baby may scratch himself from time to time.

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What is your experience of pregnancy?

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