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20 weeks pregnant – the changes in you

You are half way through your pregnancy! Your 40 week pregnancy is not actually 9 months because for the first two weeks you are not aware of being pregnant so your pregnancy seems 2 weeks shorter. In the past it was referred to as 9 moons long and not 9 months. The lunar cycle is a bit shorter than a month, 29.5 days. You should be able to calculate with reasonable accuracy your due date using the lunar cycle.

20 weeks pregnant – how is your baby growing?

pregnancy week 20

Your baby is now approximately 24 to 25 centimetres long and weighs 350 grams. He is still growing very fast. The arms and legs are now in proportion to the rest of the body. However your baby is still very thin and wrinkled. The reason is that he is not yet able to store fat although the skin is covered with a thick greasy layer (vernix caseosa). This protects the skin against the moisture from the amniotic fluid.

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