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16 weeks pregnant – the changes in you

Your uterus grows and pulls on the muscles attached to the uterus. This can cause a sore feeling to the left or right of the underside of the bump. You may feel painful stabbing sensations. You may experience this only for a short time but some experience it for the whole pregnancy. It can help to support the bump. During sleep, for example, you can use a pillow for support under the bump and between your knees.

16 weeks pregnant – how is your baby growing?

pregnancy week 16

Your baby is now approximately 16 centimetres and weighs about 125 gram. He is kicking and turning and doing somersaults. Now he has enough space he makes the most of it. The voice muscles are theoretically ready for use, but making a noise needs air. It will therefore take a while before your baby is able to use his voice.

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    forum for pregnant women

    Topic: 16 weeks pregnant

    Vriendin (feels very well)

    Very well

    forum for pregnant women

    Topic: 16 weeks pregnant

    Vriendin (feels very well)

    I didn't sleep yesterday at night the unborn child moving around i was so excited but i was scared and tired.

    forum for pregnant women

    Topic: 16 weeks pregnant

    PORTIA (feels ordinary)

    Hows your pregnancy this week? GOOD

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